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Songs, musikvideo and lots of fun

Uniq koncept in Herning !!

Only for tourists

Sing together with friends 3 songs of free choice, want to make a cool green screen musicvideo also ? Do you maybe want proffesionel photos taken in prof studio, then you can come and have fun for about 1 hour or more, it depends of the package.

Price examples:

Package 1:

Sing 6 songs in 1 hour together with friend or family in karaoke. price 1000 kr. you will get all six numbers mixet and sent by email

What about a nice picture of all your friends and family in good lightning with prof photographer. Get that for 300 kr. if you order package 1. If you only want the prof nice picture in studio price is 500 kr.

Package 2: Sing one song in karaoke, and get it mixed. After mixing, we make a "professional) musicvideo in greenscreen. Really cool and a nice memory for a perfect day. price 1800 kr.

Package 3. sing 6 songs, and make one musikvideo price 2000 kr.

Or call us 0045 28923112, and ask for the package you want.

We do everything in music and karaoke, everything in filming, and photography.

We can also drive to summerhouse and make the arrangement at your place, but ofcourse then it cost a little more.

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